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Catholic School Planned Giving features 11 insightful chapters and covers a full range of information to help your school develop or enhance a planned giving society.

The book also includes a rich collection of resources like sample templates, letters, and agendas to help parish leaders implement the book’s guidance and create a successful planned giving society. These resources include:


Planned Giving Society Development and Implementation Checklist

Complete this checklist to help your team understand and communicate the various steps of the planning process (Appendix A).


Sample Meeting Agenda for Reviewing Current Development Efforts

Use this agenda and template to help your team review the school’s current development and fundraising efforts (Appendix B).


Sample Meeting Agenda to Discuss Planned Giving Society Readiness

Distribute this agenda to guide the discussion about the school’s readiness to establish a planned giving program (Appendix C).


Development Committee Sample Charter

Use this sample charter as a starting point for creating a development committee (Appendix D).


Sample Brochure and Website Text

Customize the content on this document to help develop planned giving materials (Appendix F). 


Sample Planned Giving Society Interest Letter

Communicate with planned giving prospects with this type of a letter (Appendix G).


Sample Planned Giving Society Thank You Letter

Formally thank society members for their planned gift or endowment (Appendix H).


Sample Planned Giving Event Letter

Invite planned giving society members and prospects to events with this type of letter (Appendix I).

Go Further

These resources are available as a select preview from the book Catholic School Planned Giving. 

This book provides schools with a flexible framework for developing a legacy society that recognizes planned gifts and endowments.

The book was written to help staff, pastors, board members, and other lay leaders establish a planned giving society at their school. In it, you’ll find valuable resources and examples of how your school can succeed in creating a legacy of charitable support.

Catholic School Planned Giving

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Ensuring long-term sustainability through a legacy society.